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So who is David Gustys? I feel that more often than not it is a hard question to answer when you are put on the spot and need to provide an answer. Also probably since it requires self-reflection, some self-promotion (🤔❓) and nowadays most of the people (at least the ones that I know) are so hooked into their daily routines, responsibilities that they often take no time for their inner self.

Eghem eghem...

David Gustys is a Husband, a Father of two, passionate IT guy who's been around since green/black monitors with Unix terminal (pre "windows 3.11" to put the timeline into more perspective for some). People would probably describe him as a funny-strange tech/computer geek, who sometimes looks angry (but isn't). David has more than 10+ years of web and computer system development experience, 3+ years of experience in leadership roles, mostly in the Tech.

Yeah above is quite a formal description right and generic and does not answer too many questions, maybe just makes me look old.

So let me expand on the above.

I mentioned family, and that's the most important thing to me + in my personal opinion if you find a guy/gal who has figured out family and work dynamics, it shows quite good character qualities and of course skills like time management, dealing with egos (learned from dealing with children..), etc.., you get the gist..

Moving on., I have at this point quite good understanding of computer programming languages. I'm currently very proficient in node.js, javascript (mostly typescript these days), go(lang). My *current actual tech buzzwords that you can inquire me about and get strong opinions and insights are graphql, kubernetes, serverless, CI/CD, PostgreSQL, react, state management, real-time apps, big data.

Another part of the medallion is leadership. Past years I'm very interested in this. It is such a big topic. I don't want to go into it right now, as there are, and probably will be more posting from me about it in this blog. I just want to say that at the end for me leadership boils down to - "leading by example" - if you don't practice what you teach, its fake news 🤓.

*Current actual tech buzzwords - the skills and technologies that I use and practice currently/recently and have fresh overlook and deep insights.