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  • I'm a son, a man, a husband, and a father of two beautiful children.
  • By occupation - I'm a software engineer. By intrinsic motivation - creator.
  • I have 12 years of experience working as a software developer. Last several years being direct(manager) or indirect(team lead) leadership roles.
  • These are the fields (in order) that I have the most experience in - web development, system development, mobile app development, big data setup & analysis.
  • My latest technical passions are big data, low-code, bio-engineering.
  • Non-technical passions are remote leadership, business development, self-growth, and writing.


  • I like, but don't lately practice competitive sports like Basketball and Tennis.
  • I love informational(biographies, statistics, various learnings) books.
  • A passionate Anime, Movies, TV Show geek in Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Mystic genres. Though lately, due to being a father and having gazillion other things to do, exceptionally choose picky.
  • From time to time, a light gamer - red alert, diablo, fallout, civ, elder scrolls.


  • I speak four languages (in order of proficiency) - Lithuanian, English, German, Russian.
  • I have lived in the United Kingdom (Bristol) and Germany (Frankfurt) a better part of my adult life. Currently back in Lithuania (Klaipeda).
  • I have self-learned to program, and the first year of my collage was already working as a junior software developer.
  • Have written a book about game streaming on twitch(though have never streamed). It was a money grab idea.

    • I got valuable experience.
    • Money-wise, I got dry out of the water, nothing more.
    • Learning - write about a passionate topic.

Description / Reflection

I'm a curious and open-minded person. Through these traits, I also wear the devil's advocate hat - both in the business environment and private matters. By that, I mean, that I try to entertain the idea of - " why can't this be this way, why are you dismissing this?". The "5 whys" technique is beneficial when exploring these paths. Of course, especially in technical discussions, the "why's" need to be backed by knowledge and experience.

I approach the work that I do for companies with intrapreneurship spirit. Being technical from the roots sometimes still leads me to do the later in this quotation - "it's better done than perfect.".

Leadership, productivity and self-growth are other topics that interest me a lot. The trigger to study these topics more in-depth came after my first child was born, I think many parents face this - "How do I make and leave the world a better place?", "how do I teach my child ?". The answer is simple - not through words, but through practice, trough your actions and the example you show, by how you carry yourself. Be the example.

Software Engineering is hard. I feel that currently, it is overhyped by big software companies. It is a higher salary occupation and "good" providing one. If you are into it, it is excellent news. Still, people need to understand that the computer field evolves very fast. The learning in this line of work needs to be constant, and you need to be on top of it, if not ahead. You must have intrinsic motivation.

So to mention my current tech buzzwords:

  • Typescript/Javascript

    • Node.js
    • React & React Native
    • Vue
  • Go'lang
  • GraphQL, REST
  • Docker, Kubernetes, Serverless
  • Automated workflows, CI/CD
  • PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firestore (by firebase)
  • Google BigQuery, Google Data Studio
  • Agile: Scrum, Kanban
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