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I think the reason I enjoy fiction creations, be it a movie, tv-show, or anime - is because it breaks your expectations.

Of course, at this point, my expectations are high. Starting from childhood, when we consume fiction, we think to ourselves - "oh, that's smart, that's cool, what.", etc. It breaks the norms.

In retrospect, the best presentation and talks, are also those who break the norm, over-deliver - think of Steve Jobs product announcements.

The above thoughts brought you by "tales from the loop" tv show episode I just watched.

I'm positive that I have a goal and not a dream.

That the caterpillar will eventually fly.

I'm saying this because I have so many things in motion at the moment, given the effort, it will all work out - it will be great.

In the morning, I set up the test environment for the stealth project I started.

In the afternoon, we went creative with my son and modified a nerf gun to be "light" gun, or as my son calls it - "buster" - as in ghostbusters. (he a fan). For me, the most moving part was to see how engaged he was in helping me with soldering and a glue gun. I remembered my childhood days when I used to break lots of toys, extract their parts, and use them in my "mastermind" projects. If you ever played Fallout 4, the weapon modifications you can do - we did that today 😁.

In the evening, I did some minor coding (mostly fixing small know styling issues) and played a bit of Civilization 6.

Buster Gun

When you are in a committed relationship, you need to stop sometimes and think about all the things; from small to big, you should be grateful to your partner.

Thank you, Dovile, my beloved beautiful wife. There are thousands of things for which I'm very grateful to you, but today I thank you for your patience.

Love you.

Today, I feel like not writing a daily entry. I Partially blame my routine. The thing is that I often write these in the evenings when my children are already asleep, and I feel drained.

I want to push through this and to write at least for a good month or maybe. The time it takes to establish a habit.

I understand that in a way (me bringing this up), I'm giving myself now an exit, but I plan to mix-up my writing, to do early morning daily entries, and generally experiment and see when I'm most in the flow for dailies.

I have no plans to stop writing in general. It's the reverse, I'm consuming continent on how to improve my writing, and I plan to write a lot more.

Yesterday I read a phrase from a book where one person (I don't recall the name) said - "why write, what you already know". I'm in the other camp. I think writing helps you think about things that you write about from a different angle; also, you need to structure your sentences orderly and understandably, which, if you need to explain the subject orally, makes it a much smoother process.

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