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Busy day, "testy" day, writing tests all day.

No, really, my main thing today is writing tests and fixing failing cases.

Still have a lot to do - no time to write!

In the COVID-19 isolation phase, families stay together 24/7. Our family is no different. At times it is mentally hard.

I think me and my wife are quite good with each other and we do not have significant fights, only minor so far. On the other hand, for me, handling children is more stressful as they are quite young and thus demand a lot of attention.

My children's feelings, their development, and my relationship with them is of the utmost importance to me. The problem here is work. It is hard to draw the line. Even though you say to them - "papa is working" - they still come and distract you, and you let them do that. One could say it's their "work" to seek attention. Later you are stressed because of "how much have you done today" - work-wise, and even though you try to calm by saying yourself - "children are my most important work" - the stress still gets to you.

I think there is no magic bullet. We try to educate our children and make routines around "work", so that everyone can spend their time allocated and distraction-free or in children's case distraction-full.

So if you have a hard time - know that you are not alone.

It's late evening.
I sat down to write, but my wife is calling me to come down. Today we had a micro fight, and now will come the aftermath. We usually do this and *talk it out. Wish me - a pleasant process.

*talk - "Talking" can come in many forms.

Today I spend mostly working on my project.
Today I'm feeling anxious. The self criticizer is back.

Is it good enough?
Is this not too big? - I'm just one man.
Something similar already seems to exist, but not exactly. I must own a category. I asked myself the "beginning startup" questions - the answers seem right, but are the question actually correct?

It's fear—the fear of time.
I must face it.

Today was a routine day.

I developed my project further - added desktop app bundling via electron.

I had a recruitment interaction from Stripe - I think it went quite well.
Side-note: recruitment / employment is broken. The process is so long and tedious in most cases.

I went with my family to enjoy the waves of the Baltic Sea - such a refreshment after spending days in isolation.

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