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The first time I heard the idea that we are in a simulation, or that we are "a" simulation, I thought of games, in particular RPG games.

In single-player RPG games, you have "the player" and NPCs - nonplayer characters. Notice - "single-player" - as I cannot deduct if my fellow human beings are "real" or just a figment of my imagination - I think of myself as the only real player, and others are just NPCs.

While thinking so, interesting observations surfaced. You notice that the majority of the time, you are also an NPC. You are running around pre-programmed - you have routines and habits.
Also, thinking that way helps a lot to kinda "zoom-out" and see your life from the above. You notice - "oh yeah, I'm doing this, why I'm doing it the other way? In RPG it's so simple - you want to get a resource? - you got mining or trading, and of course, lot's of grinding for the unique item.".

I do not doubt that psychologically, there is an explanation or method to archive this kind of thinking without linking your self to an RPG game. But I like this game-metaphoric way of putting things into perspective.

Today I read a funny-interesting short health check advice by Kelly Starrett which stuck with me:

Men, if you wake up and you don’t have a boner, there’s a problem. Yes or no? One or zero? Boner, no boner?

So how's your health, 🖕 or 👇 ?

I was thinking today, how many small "computer actions" I do.

Some examples:

  • How to quickly open folder A in OS X finder
  • Shell commands to do X action
  • Browser extensions to Y
  • Writing guidance
  • Useful, less know program/app shortcut keys

So why not publish (make public) Cheatsheets or Recipes fill them overtime and maybe later write an article about them. 🤓

Another daily entry.

I have been writing dailies for more than a month now (I thought today was a month, but I'm two days past).

I have never written so [1]many public posts in sequence.
At times it is hard. Whoever is reading my entries, you can sometimes feel that I'm forcing myself.
Just now, after just browsing my dailies, I do feel a sense of accomplishment. It's nice to have them. It is like a history log, even if it is sometimes forced.

Not sure if mentioned this before by whom I was inspired to write daily entries - ... drum rolls ... - Pat Walls.
For some reason, I found it refreshing, I mean knew about journaling benefits, but this guy keeps it short and sometimes sweet, some times not, it all blends so well into [2]"Personal Monopoly".

I will continue writing, and as noted before, I want to ramp up my writing and publications in the near foreseeable future, so 🤞 for motivation and time.

To add, my current aspiration for personal website and content quality is - Julian Lehr.


[1] many - many for me emotionally at the time of writing.

[2] Personal Monopoly - want to write an article about this, but you can read my past entries or google for the phrase and meaning.

So I've been receiving a daily newsletter from Spoonbill. It is a service that tracks the profile changes of twitter users that you are following and sends you updates.

What is strange though - it appears that some people change their profiles often, as in - almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day.
Is there some twitter rank hack behind this?

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