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Today I watched several conferences talks about big data, machine learning, and AI. From my experience and from the talks I watched today, there is no doubt that AI is now in a bubble. Even companies that are not doing AI sometimes mention it as being in their DNA. The bubble will burst at some point, and those companies that base their business model on poorly implemented AI will have to declare bankruptcy.

But!, but the "good" AIs will flourish. Think of the 90's dotcom bubble and i.e., Amazon - many companies went under, but the good ones came out stronger than ever.

Either way, the next most significant IPO's will be companies that have strong AI fundamental understanding and valuable implementations.

Soon, we will have AIs who handle other AIs (maybe we already do), and so the super-fast cycle will begin. AI's will be able to deem other AI as relevant or irrelevant for the task. They will "absorb" each other and so become more intelligent. Will this lead to conscious AI or singularity?; I don't know, but from my minimum understanding, it just might.

I'm confident that in my lifetime I will see multiple drastic changes in current Human daily lives, due to AI's, some we will see very soon:

  • Self-driving cars
  • Smart robots
  • Call Centre automation
  • Delivery drones
  • Supply change automation
  • ...
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