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Another daily entry.

I have been writing dailies for more than a month now (I thought today was a month, but I'm two days past).

I have never written so [1]many public posts in sequence.
At times it is hard. Whoever is reading my entries, you can sometimes feel that I'm forcing myself.
Just now, after just browsing my dailies, I do feel a sense of accomplishment. It's nice to have them. It is like a history log, even if it is sometimes forced.

Not sure if mentioned this before by whom I was inspired to write daily entries - ... drum rolls ... - Pat Walls.
For some reason, I found it refreshing, I mean knew about journaling benefits, but this guy keeps it short and sometimes sweet, some times not, it all blends so well into [2]"Personal Monopoly".

I will continue writing, and as noted before, I want to ramp up my writing and publications in the near foreseeable future, so 🤞 for motivation and time.

To add, my current aspiration for personal website and content quality is - Julian Lehr.


[1] many - many for me emotionally at the time of writing.

[2] Personal Monopoly - want to write an article about this, but you can read my past entries or google for the phrase and meaning.

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