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Today, I feel like not writing a daily entry. I Partially blame my routine. The thing is that I often write these in the evenings when my children are already asleep, and I feel drained.

I want to push through this and to write at least for a good month or maybe. The time it takes to establish a habit.

I understand that in a way (me bringing this up), I'm giving myself now an exit, but I plan to mix-up my writing, to do early morning daily entries, and generally experiment and see when I'm most in the flow for dailies.

I have no plans to stop writing in general. It's the reverse, I'm consuming continent on how to improve my writing, and I plan to write a lot more.

Yesterday I read a phrase from a book where one person (I don't recall the name) said - "why write, what you already know". I'm in the other camp. I think writing helps you think about things that you write about from a different angle; also, you need to structure your sentences orderly and understandably, which, if you need to explain the subject orally, makes it a much smoother process.

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