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So yesterday, I was very hyped about the product idea that I came up with. Today the hype is more or less gone. I think it is because I started "to action" the creation, and thus the motivation-hype declined as my perfectionist self added many technical and not technical things onto the to-do list before the launch. Undoubtedly some of them will be scratched away to remain lean and agile.

On a different note; Today I discovered or rather never tried it before (because for some reason, I thought it would suck, but it is a super productivity tool for me), and that is AirTable's "Web Clipper Block". Now I can have custom clippers for different purposes, i.e., article bookmarking, tweet saving, and so on.

I also reintroduced IFTTT_LINK into my workflows, its super useful tool to connect services. In a team environment, I would most likely use Zapier.

I upped my tooling for the upcoming value-content that I plan to output. The tools mentioned above help me with discovery, research, productivity, content spread. Once I'm used to the new workflows that I'm establishing now, I will write and share a more in-depth article.

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