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Today I decided to start a project or rather a light-product. When I say "light-product", I mean that eventually, it should generate money to expand the project's scope and to sustain it. The primary goal will be NOT to earn money.

The project is based around questions and answers, the ones that matter to you, and the key takeaways you get from them. If you read my previous dailies, you could even already gather more dots about this mysterious project 😉.

It won't remain mysterious / hidden / stealth for too long, as I plan to document my journey of its creation, my motivation, manifesto, technical choices, etc., with my audience.

The "documentation" part will be spread across multiple social networks, to get more eyes on it, so that when it launches, it would be at least a minor hit.

You could call me the lord of side trash projects. I have started so many of them. Some went a long way, and lots of time was lost. I sometimes wish that with at least with a couple of my ideas / projects I would have gone through, rather than abandoning them ( i.e., I was creating Shopify, before Shopify... 😔 ) I hope I can sustain my current motivation, and hopefully, the public documentation will also push me to try even harder.

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