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Back in the days when we were back in school, an old friend of mine was preaching about the number 23 for a short period.

I think he first saw it in a movie and then read more on the internet, and he was telling some "facts" (which most were not) how everything comes down to number 23. I won't go into details now, and you can google about it if you are interested.

I am bringing this up now because today, I felt that everything was pointing at the coming pandemic that we have now.

So my personal list is this:

  • Many movies. i.e., Pandemic, Contagion
  • Games. I.e., PS4 Spiderman
  • Bill Gates TED speech 2015
  • Ray Dalio warning about soon upcoming economic downturn
  • All the Post-Apocalyptic / world-changing event tv-shows
  • And probably some more that I can't recall right now ( undoubtedly there are some recent songs about it )

It is just the figment of my imagination.

But what if this is some human collectives premonition? Some untapped power that we cannot yet use, as we have always dismissed such things.

Or if you want to go the conspiracy theory way - what if this is some sort human of programming / preparing us mentally for the pandemic event?

Anyhoo, just having deja-vu with the number 23 past-preach.

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