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Today I was thinking about bio-hacking, and the thought led me to CRISPR.

For those who don't know, CRISPR is a simple yet powerful tool for editing genomes. It allows researchers to easily alter DNA sequences and modify gene function. Think of Superhuman, super crops, faster-growing trees, etc.

So I knew about CRISPR for some time now (say 2years~), but I always assumed that it was something that only "rich" science labs could experiment with.

But boy, I was wrong.

After seeing the Netflix documentation "Unnatural Selection" (a definite recommend) half year ago, my eyes opened. I learned that CRISPR, in essence, was quite an easy technique and did not require super expensive tooling to start your gene experiment.

I got very excited about the information I got from the documentary, it reminded me of the old computer times. The times where computers were already quite commonly utilized by governments and big companies, but only by a minority of private individuals. The industry was growing fast, and computers became more and more accessible to regular people -- and hackers (or crackers to be more precise). I feel that CRISPR is in that phase now. And both very excited and also scared.

Excited in the sense that we could heal diseases, "upgrade" humans, and a lot more. I'm now following news and companies who are doing CRISPR and even learning bit by bit myself.

And Scared - because we are not "hacking" computers but living organisms with reproduction capabilities and gene passing. All the post-modern-strange movies come to mind now. Worst funny case this could also lead to zombie-like humanoids.

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