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Today I read my ex-colleagues (Alexander Naydenov) article on LinkedIn. This article was a summary of Politico's report (long one) about the post effects of Coronavirus by interviewing leading academics. Here are the top short takeaways from Alex's post:

(Links to Alexander's and Politico's articles bellow)

  • Community: a new kind of patriotism, a return to faith in serious experts, less individualism and more communality.
  • Tech: regulatory barriers to online tools will fall, a boom of virtual reality applications.
  • Health: rise of telemedicine, more active role of the government in the development and manufacture of medicines.
  • Government: move the work of political institutions online, more positive attitude toward government employees, the comeback of big government, new civic federalism, political uprisings, the spread of electronic and mail voting
  • Global economy: more restraints on mass consumption, strengthening of domestic supply chains (and rising costs and prices)
  • Lifestyle: hunger for entertainment, a rise of parks

I do hope that most of the mentioned points here come to pass, as they actually sound great to me.

Alex's article link
Politico's article link

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