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I'm currently freelancing, but I always loved working on magnetic products, like my past company GraphCMS.

So I three days ago, I applied to a company named Plaid.

It is a relatively young startup, I had my eye on them for a while, and now they opened a remote position with exactly my skillset and experience as a requirement.

Today I received a rejection email saying that I don't match their requirements and that they will continue with other candidates and that I should keep an eye on other open(ing) positions.

I was taken aback for a few seconds and then went to double-check their careers page - the role was gone.

The job ad was posted maybe a week ~ 9 days ago. This means that either Plaid's HR found someone exceptionally good fit so fast, or they decided to close role due to some circumstance, i.e., Coronavirus.

Having hired myself before, I know that hiring takes time and that there are generally multiple steps.

The rejection email that I received was automated, and I'm confident that the position was nixed rather than a quick match find resolution. And the automated later, in this case, is just heartless automated response that does not match the reality. Oh well...

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