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Today I watched an Indian movie called "Bajrangi Bhaijaan".

I would rate it 8.6 of 10 (that's an excellent rating) I'm quite a harsh critic, not sure if I rated any move ten before.

Anyways this movie made me shed tears multiple times.

It's about a 6year old Pakistani girl, who cannot speak and for reasons gets lost in India.

Then she meets a sincere man (one could say even a holy man), and he's from a different religion (Pakistan's and India's relationships are not on great terms - see Wikipedia). anyways the story is about how that man:

  1. Gets to know her
  2. Falls into this "parently" relationship with her
  3. Bring her back to Pakistan and her parents

And also mainly about how religion, people's skin color, and other things don't matter and should not matter.

It's a great movie to watch with family even my four-year-old son watched almost from beginning till the end for him it was interesting to see how the girl will get back to her mother. Profoundly Human Movie.

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