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I'm sitting now and having a hard time coming up with something to write. I want these daily entries to be about my everyday life or ideas that come to me that day that I want to share. My mind screams I'm tired, but actually, it's more of laziness and my current health (have a mild couch). Anyways I'm a persistent guy, and some thoughts did come up.

I was thinking today about my family and close friends, how they aged, how I aged. And these context keywords related to my thoughts:

Patience, Doubt, Strike.

When I was younger, I was less patient in a general way, but also had less doubt, and I was striking (actioning / doing something) way more even if it wasn't something essential to me.

Now I'm older, I have more patience, but I also have more doubt, and I strike less, but when I do, I try to make it count (or I just think so).

When I look at older people my grandparents, maybe even my parents I see a big part of patience transformed into kind ignorance, and only a little bit of doubt and strike.

It is an observation from a personal standpoint, but it has interesting trajectories.

Patience - seems can be transformative.

Doubt - has the nicest curve, goes low-high-low.

Strike - decreasing.

I don't want to make any conclusions now, but it is an exciting observation for me. I wonder If now that I identified this (and keep this in mind), can I more easily also change the curves in the long run? I would opt for - enough patience, more strikes, and less doubt.

I know from this writing it is quite hard to grasp what I'm talking about, I could probably give an example, but as I said, I'm lazy today.

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