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Today was a slow day, or at least it feels so.

I have done multiple things today, from updating my "about me" page to talking quite a lot on the phone, but it doesn't feel that I was very productive, but maybe its the way I assert productivity 🤔, giving more "points" to one thing and less to others.

Also, I completely agree that people do overestimate how much they can do in the short-term and underestimate how much they can do in the longer-term.

One thing that bothered me today was a random article on a news site and its comments.

Some people were saying that X should die, wishing bad and cursing. I don't get it. From where is such random hate coming? I mean, I could justify hatred in a case where you knew the person, and he wronged you super badly, but even then, wishing death might be too extreme. Comments like that should be filtered out, commentator downrated, and in rare cases, authorities notified.

But most of the "news" sites, keep them, show them, let people get agitated, just so that people engage more with the website so that they can get more ad money.

I'm so glad adblockers exist, it is pushing publication companies to think of other types of monetization.

I hope once they switch to a "cleaner" source of income, they will also introduce better practices around commenting systems.

It's good that at least Public mega-corporations like Facebook are getting a shit ton of attention from both daily consumers and politicians for such things.

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