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Another quarantine isolation day. It's a topic you talk with everyone right now. It is like asking, "how are you?" or "what's the weather like?" except that it's depressing. Some countries (like mine) show it in the news very often. Apart from today, I tried to focus on my internal projects, like updating the "about me" page on the personal website (which is still not finished yet), but I was distracted by my children and my subconscious mind saying to relax a bit. It was a happy distraction, on weekends, in general, I try to play with them more and also be more in the moment with them. For the "subconscious" part - I browsed few sandbox games and actually downloaded the "Terraria" game, which it turned out I already owned. Then after lunch, I played a bit - it's a cool game for sandbox game enthusiasts.

I have this habit of reading at least a couple of pages from a book before sleep. Yesterday I was re-reading "Tools of Titans" by Tim Ferriss, before that, I read "Tribe of Mentors" which I bought recently. Both books are amazing; they are full of pieces of advice from various successful people. As Tim put it - paraphrased - "You have to ask the right question, to get these insightful answers." "Tribe of Mentors" books formulation (Which I prefer more over the other book because of the clearer structure) brought me to the following startup idea.

What if we crowd outsource the "questions" to the community, by allowing the community to create and rate the questions. Then we would compile a list of interesting people (also could be crowd outsourced) and send them these "top" questions. By "send" I mean an email containing a link to the questionary form.

The answers would be rated internally and externally, grammar and typos fixed, and a well-formulated and structured book like "Tribe of Mentors" produced in a digital and paper book format.

This is the gist of the idea, it would be an excellent read, and I see multiple ways of monetizing this.

  • Paid inclusion into X amount of books ("validation")
  • Paid marketing opportunities (think quora)
  • Paid "master" book
  • ... Probably few more
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