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Many people are posting that - "hey Corona isolation is no big deal, you can spend time with your family enjoy your children, etc.." and it is kinda true, but the other part is that my children are home and have a break from kindergarten while I have to work.

In essence, it's not bad that they are home, it's bad because:

  • Of course, they distract me from work, less than more, but still.
  • I hear them playing and having fun with my wife (currently I'm the sole family provider), and I want to join them in, but usually I can't - because of my occupation that requires a lot of focus. I feel left out. I want to participate in my children's lives, especially while they are still so young and want us Parents to join them in.
  • Though my wife and I are our children's best friends they do miss their kid friends and video chatting is not the same as running around / physical play.

So yeah bummers.

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