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I hate sleep
I hate being sleepy
Damn circadian rhythm
Damn adenosine buildup

I must sleep
I must sleep a lot
The downsides are too harsh
Avoid, Avoid the drowsy days

Thus I bow to you
I sleep, I sleep a lot
Oh mellow dreams await
Sweet mellow dreams

I forgot how tedious introductions and onboarding process could be. The companies I worked for always had at least one bad part. Be it - technical onboarding, day-to-day onboarding, invoicing, vacation policy, unknown & unwritten rules.

I think this very common. A startup probably exists that tries to tackle this (or it should).

I mentioned before that I am working on a stealth project, but I'm sad to say that I stopped it now, at least for a short time. The main reason is that I just started collaborating with a new company. It is a startup. The company has a very noble goal, smart people, and attractive technical solutions that they are now scaling. The "scaling" part being my fit. I want to give it my full attention, so I have to remove other distraction at least until I am going full-throttle.

I don't want to overextend myself today with the reveal, as it just the first days, but I'm hopeful that our relationship will be fruitful. I will be sharing more details over the next days or/and weeks.

Today we had lovely summery weather. We went to the beach, grilled some fish, and played around with the kids, all that while sunbathing - awesome!

But my mind was off and on wandering on thoughts about "distributed databases" and "blockchain."

It is not a new topic, but for some yet unknown reason, I'm intrigued. So my plan for this late evening is to research those topics, till it is my bedtime hour strikes.

You know what they say - fallow your curiosity to find great things.

Today I was thinking about frameworks and libraries that developers use in their work.
I think creating a library is both arguably simpler, but it as also an act taking on more responsibility.

When you think about it, a framework defines the confounds of the application's runtime. It is only "stretchable" by "options" it might allow.
A library, on the other hand, can be part of a framework or many different "contexts". But in itself, it is usually responsible for a single domain (context) as it should be in most cases.

So I would argue that we should strive to develop more quality libraries than frameworks.

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