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Today I read my ex-colleagues (Alexander Naydenov) article on LinkedIn. This article was a summary of Politico's report (long one) about the post effects of Coronavirus by interviewing leading academics. Here are the top short takeaways from Alex's post:

(Links to Alexander's and Politico's articles bellow)

  • Community: a new kind of patriotism, a return to faith in serious experts, less individualism and more communality.
  • Tech: regulatory barriers to online tools will fall, a boom of virtual reality applications.
  • Health: rise of telemedicine, more active role of the government in the development and manufacture of medicines.
  • Government: move the work of political institutions online, more positive attitude toward government employees, the comeback of big government, new civic federalism, political uprisings, the spread of electronic and mail voting
  • Global economy: more restraints on mass consumption, strengthening of domestic supply chains (and rising costs and prices)
  • Lifestyle: hunger for entertainment, a rise of parks

I do hope that most of the mentioned points here come to pass, as they actually sound great to me.

Alex's article link
Politico's article link

I'm currently freelancing, but I always loved working on magnetic products, like my past company GraphCMS.

So I three days ago, I applied to a company named Plaid.

It is a relatively young startup, I had my eye on them for a while, and now they opened a remote position with exactly my skillset and experience as a requirement.

Today I received a rejection email saying that I don't match their requirements and that they will continue with other candidates and that I should keep an eye on other open(ing) positions.

I was taken aback for a few seconds and then went to double-check their careers page - the role was gone.

The job ad was posted maybe a week ~ 9 days ago. This means that either Plaid's HR found someone exceptionally good fit so fast, or they decided to close role due to some circumstance, i.e., Coronavirus.

Having hired myself before, I know that hiring takes time and that there are generally multiple steps.

The rejection email that I received was automated, and I'm confident that the position was nixed rather than a quick match find resolution. And the automated later, in this case, is just heartless automated response that does not match the reality. Oh well...

Today I watched an Indian movie called "Bajrangi Bhaijaan".

I would rate it 8.6 of 10 (that's an excellent rating) I'm quite a harsh critic, not sure if I rated any move ten before.

Anyways this movie made me shed tears multiple times.

It's about a 6year old Pakistani girl, who cannot speak and for reasons gets lost in India.

Then she meets a sincere man (one could say even a holy man), and he's from a different religion (Pakistan's and India's relationships are not on great terms - see Wikipedia). anyways the story is about how that man:

  1. Gets to know her
  2. Falls into this "parently" relationship with her
  3. Bring her back to Pakistan and her parents

And also mainly about how religion, people's skin color, and other things don't matter and should not matter.

It's a great movie to watch with family even my four-year-old son watched almost from beginning till the end for him it was interesting to see how the girl will get back to her mother. Profoundly Human Movie.

"I ate, I plaid, we were outside, Dad and I played with the computer, we baked cookies, I ran, I talked with my Grandmother, I took a bath." - Today's description by my four-year-old son.

On another note, it seems I have sinusitis, which explains why I am feeling ill and tired. Though this evening, I already feel a bit better, maybe the medication(Sinupret) is already working.

Today is all about feeling ill and family time.

I'm not into politics, and I usually try to stay away. Each politician has it's own agenda even if it's the president, plus if it's not my country, I feel that I can't comment on the internal state.

When it comes to global decisions, of course, I would comment If I would feel inclined to.

Anyways, today I just wanted to share this image (bellow), not because of political views, but because in the current context, it is super funny (and also sad)

Politics and toilet paper

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